Bloody Mary Wine 2016 - Tomato, Kale, Jalapeño & Wirchtishire!

The Only Bloody Mary Wine on Earth~


Fruit Spiced Coffee Wine 2016 - Coffee, Jalapeño, White Grape.

Much like a Sour Beer, the incredible flavor is the result of

cold brewed coffee, with low tannin and high caffeine, 

and Jalapeño wine. (Just enough Jalapeño to know it's there...) 

Dulcet Fox 2014 - Soft feel and slightly sweet!

Neal Anne 2016 - Our most popular red.

Sweet enough to express southern tradition but not crazy!

Sagaree 2015 - The first and oldest wine of America~

Light Amber with subtle notes of Bourbon!

Shakori 2015 - Dark Amber with notes of Spanish Sherry!

Non-filtered, All Natural.

Gamecork 2015 - Our Best 'Carolina' semi-sweet red!

Field blended from 22 varieties of native grapes~