fostered vine society


The Fostered Vine Society

Each of the 1000 vines in the Mercer House vineyards plays an individual role to cooperate and encourage the others to survive and prosper. As a Society of Fostered Vines, they must live and share resources in order to produce the very best offspring. 

Their health and prosperity depend on sustainable and eco-friendly organic viticulture.


"Hyperlocal" describes the intense relationship between the health of the vines and their offspring combined with post-harvest treatment, fermentation, and aging past adolescence. The entire process from the vineyards to the glass is what makes our wines so exceptional. Whether it's the formative early years as a "young wine" or beyond to the aged years of wisdom, Mercer House wines can only be called great because they begin with the stewardship of the Fostered Vine Society~

The Fostered Vine Society are patrons of Mercer House Estate Winery that take an active role from the vineyards all the way to the finished wines. As a member, patrons are encouraged to be active and take possession of the responsibilities associated with raising a stong vine and educating a balanced wine.

It's the village that raises the best children, 


The Added-Value products that stem from The Fostered Vine Society are many;


  • >Muscadine Saba – Must of the Muscadine. The versatile grape-based sauce used on meat, chicken, fish, pork, game, fowl, salad and desserts.

  • >Grapeseed Powder– Extracted from each seed, grape seed powder contains very high levels of Resveratrol and Ellagic Acid. It can be used as an additive to flour based products or added to other recipes as part of a dietary supplement.   

  • >Grapeseed Oil – Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed from each seed, Grapeseed Oil is best used as a dressing or as part of a daily skin care regiment.

  • >Pudd’n Lip Balm – The healthiest skin care balm for sensitive lips.

  • >Must Drops – A sweet, hard Muscadine candy.

  • >Grapevine Paper (Muscadine Vellum) – “From Vine to Vellum”, Mercer House Estate harvest the wood bark from the seasonal pruning of the vineyards. Muscadine paper represents the sustainable and all-inclusive use of every aspect of the vine.

  • >Muscadine Grapevine Leaves – Healthy and tasty by-products are being researched.